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Beauty and sustainability are only some of the reasons to choose Thermory...

How about durability and stability? Rapid installation?

Thermal modification makes wood highly durable and very stable –
no more warping or cupping... and no leaching either.
Hidden fastening systems mean a fastening-free surface is possible, and end-matching means rapid installation – up to three times faster than conventional top-fix decking.



Thermally Treated European Ash and Spruce Profiles.
 Straight, Stable Boards,
Hidden Fastening Systems,
End-matched to minimise waste

Thermally Treated Aspen and Alder Profiles.
 Available as a special order (see the 2019 Thermory catalogue under RESOURCES).


Thermally Treated European Ash and Pine Cladding Profiles, Hidden Fastening Systems Available, End-matched

Stunning ash flooring in mixed lengths, available as a special order (see the 2019 Thermory Catalogue under RESOURCES).

Thermally treated European Ash and Pine profiles with Hidden Fastening Systems

Available as a special order (see the 2019 Thermory Catalogue under RESOURCES).

Clips and clamps for rapid installation



Smartdeck began building decks, pergolas, studios and timber-clad houses in 2002. In 2008 we began to import and distribute specialty decking products, with a focus on sustainability. 
Through years of research and testing we have developed expert knowledge in the field of wood protection and restoration, and provide advice to builders and timber companies in many countries. We believe that wood is an excellent and sustainable building product, but only when it lasts longer in service than it takes to regrow.  

Thermal modification is a heat treating process that makes wood highly durable and stable. This means plentiful, less durable timbers can be used in place of tropical rainforest timbers or chemically treated wood. We investigated a number of brands of thermally modified wood before we settled on Thermory. The Thermory brand has a 20 year history and an excellent reputation, with distributors in more than 50 countries, and used by many award-winning architects.

Smartdeck also sells and recommends the use of Cutek® products for protection and restoration of all exterior wood, to increase the life of any timber structure. See www.cutek.com.au.



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